14/05/24 FocusIR Ben Turney, CEO at Kavango Resources, explains the company's progress from exploration to mining
13/05/24 ShareTalk Kavango Resources Show #Gold Over 0.5g/t Over 40m At Hilside, Zimbabwe
13/05/24 Dig Deep Exploration and Transformation: A Look into Kavango Resources with CEO Ben Turney
05/05/24 ShareTalk Ben Turney talks to Zaks Traders Cafe
30/04/24 StockBox Kavango Resources CEO Discusses Open Book Built Offer to Shareholders
19/04/24 Market Bull Kavango Resources (LSE:KAV) CEO provides Zimbabwe & Botswana operations update
17/04/24 ITP ITP: Ben Turney, CEO, Kavango Resources (KAV.L)
15/04/24 StockBox Kavango Resources Zimbabwe Hillside Prospect Returns Assay Results 29g/t Gold
03/04/24 ShareTalk Chief Executive Officer of Kavango Resources (LON:KAV) Talking To Zaks Traders Cafe
12/03/24 Crux Investor Unlocking Southern Africa's Gold-Copper Potential Through Exploration
03/03/24 StockBox Kavango Resources Special Feature on the Investment Case
23/02/24 StockBox Kavango Resources Actively Explores for Gold in Zimbabwe, Utilizing IP Surveys & Drilling
02/01/24 StockBox Kavango Resources CEO Provides an Exclusive Update on Drilling Plans in Zimbabwe & Botswana


07/12/23 Market Bull Kavango Resources Zimbabwe Drilling and Botswana Acquisition Updates
05/12/23 LSE Kavango Resources Ben Turney gives operational update on successful 2023
26/09/23 StockBox Kavango Resources Acquire 6 New Prospecting Licenses at the KCB Project
25/07/23 London South East Kavango Resources CEO Ben Turney announces a new Purebond funded Zimbabwe bulk mining strategy
13/07/23 StockBox Kavango Resources pause exploration on KSZ with recent drilling not encountering mineralisation
12/05/23 StockBox Kavango Resources says £6mln will provide the resources to pursue its exploration strategy
26/04/23 Market Bull Untapped Potential in Botswana
13/04/23 StockBox Kavango Resources Ditau Feature on the BIF & Lode Gold Potential
03/04/23 Brand and Novus Communications CEO Ben Turney talks to Alan Green, April 2023 interview
10/03/23 NextGen Newswire A review of the mineral exploration potential of the Ditau Project, Botswana
03/03/23 StockBox Kavango Resources CEO Discusses Strategy for Delivering a Maiden Economic Resource


09/11/22 Crux Investor Kavango Resources (KAV) - Can NEW Technology find more Copper?
09/11/22 StockBox StockBox Premiere Kavango Resources
30/10/22 StockBox Special Feature The Investment Case
25/10/22 Proactive Investors Kavango Resources increases fundraising by £500,000 as Arigo comes in
13/10/22 StockBox Special Feature on the Kalahari Copper Belt with CEO
11/10/22 Junior Resource Investing Ben Turney of Kavango Resources discusses a tier 1 opportunity in the Kalahari Copper Belt
07/10/22 Market Bull Kavango Kavango Resources spin up for cracking Kalahari targets
30/09/22 StockBox Kavango Resources Announce maiden drill programme plan at the KCB
28/09/22 Brand Communications Ben Turney: "We've undertaken extensive geological, geochemical & geophysical work to define target areas..if #copper exists on our ground..we'll find it"
28/09/22 StockBox Kavango Resources announce an ambitious drill strategy in the KCB
07/09/22 Shares Shares investor evening webinar
19/08/22 StockBox Special Feature - Kavango Resources KSZ Proof of Concept #KAV
22/07/22 Proactive Investors Kavango Resources gets 'economic justification' for pursuing exploration at Great Red Spot project
14/07/22 Brand UK
  • Kavango’s agreement to acquire the remaining 50% of Kanye Resources
  • Afrasia’s $8 million independent valuation of Kanye Resources
  • Plans to uncover new ground in the KCB following promising sampling
  • The three Norilsk-style EM conductor targets identified at the KSZ
08/07/22 Proactive Investors
  • Why Kavango decided to acquire the remaining 50% of Kanye Resources
  • The terms of the deal with Power Metal
  • Recent sampling at the KCB licences and drilling at the Ditau project
  • Future plans for both projects
08/07/22 Stockbox
  • Why the deal to acquire the remaining 50% of Kanye Resources is such a good one
  • Kavango’s plans for Kanye now that it has 100% ownership
  • The rationale for exploring the overlooked KCB licences and work to date
  • The pivotal role of CSAMT in the ongoing Ditau drilling programme
23/06/22 StockBox
  • Kavango’s efforts to establish an inventory of drill targets across its portfolio
  • The success of the Proof-of-Concept drill programme at the KSZ
  • The techniques and technology Kavango has tried and tested in the field
  • What newsflow investors can expect next
19/06/22 Stockbox
  • The interesting early signs from drilling the i1 target at Ditau
  • What CSAMT technology is telling Kavango about Ditau so far
  • Why depressed commodities are primed for a rerate
  • Potential catalysts for Kavango’s share price moving forward
01/06/22 Jeremy Brett and Hillary Gumbo present to investors
  • Why the Great Red Spot is an ideal location for an IOCG project
  • The distinct geological similarities between the Great Red Spot and Olympic Dam
  • How AMT surveying is helping to build up a number of IOCG targets
  • How Kavango developed its own AMT methodology
11/05/22 ShareTalk
  • Kavango’s recent placing and the proposed allocation of the funds
  • The Great Red Spot’s geophysical similarities to the Olympic Dam IOCG ore deposit
  • Expanded exploration work at Ditau
  • The progress of ongoing geophysical work on the KCB
05/05/22 Brand UK
  • Drilling progress and next planned steps at Ditau and the KCB
  • How CSAMT surveying has helped to shape the direction of work at Ditau
  • What Proof-of-Concept drilling told Kavango about the KSZ’s Proterozoic potential
  • How Kavango’s modelling of the KSZ has changed over time
02/05/22 Market Musings podcast
  • How Ben’s career led him to his role at Kavango
  • Ben’s thoughts on the small-cap market at large
  • Kavango’s progress across its portfolio so far, and its plans moving forward
  • Why Kavango believes it is critical to do things properly rather than rush exploration
28/04/22 StockBox
  • What the KSZ is, and exactly why Kavango is so excited about it
  • The importance of Kavango’s next KSZ drill campaign and how it is preparing
  • A guide to the surveying technology Kavango is using to learn more about the KSZ
  • The progress at Ditau and the KCB and their likely funding requirements
29/03/22 Stockbox
  • What Kavango is looking for at Ditau as drilling begins
  • The promising signs Kavango’s geologists are seeing from Ditau’s conductors
  • The importance of carbonatites and rare earth elements in general
  • The challenges the company has overcome to get to the point of drilling Ditau
28/02/22 StockBox Special Feature - Kavango Resources KSZ B1 Conductor Target
28/02/22 Stockbox
  • The completion of drilling B1 and subsequent downhole EM surveying
  • How the results show “the best exploration lead we’ve ever had in the KSZ”
  • The value of hitting Karoo-aged and Proterozoic-aged gabbros
  • Next planned steps at the KSZ, including drill testing and further TDEM surveying
26/01/22 Shares Spotlight investor evening
  • Why Ditau may have hosted the right conditions for large mineral deposit formation
  • A summary of exploration efforts to date at Ditau and what next steps are planned
  • Why the location of the KCB and LVR licences is so prospective
  • Why Kavango is so optimistic about drilling in the KCB later in the year
24/01/22 The Mining Podcast
  • An overview of Kavango and its project portfolio in Botswana
  • Ben’s background and how it led to his role at Kavango
  • Kavango’s business model and how it can generate major shareholder value
  • Ben’s thoughts on the wider mineral exploration/ development sectors
24/01/22 Stockbox
  • Update on the ongoing drilling of the B1 conductor and Kavango’s changing KSZ strategy
  • Context for drilling the Great Red Spot, and what Kavango’s next steps will be
  • A breakdown of the Great Red Spot’s stacked Karoo and Proterozoic potential
  • What Kavango can learn from its drilling even if it doesn’t make a discovery
21/01/22 Proactive Investors
  • The identification of a strong gravity anomaly at the Great Red Spot
  • What Kavango has learned so far from drilling the KSZ
  • The history of the Great Red Spot
  • What Kavango’s next planned steps are at the KSZ
21/01/22 StockBox Kavango Resources CEO on the first drill hole at the company’s KSZ project
11/01/22 Stockbox
  • A history of John’s career and what attracted him to Kavango
  • Kavango’s drilling plans after finishing the current round of work at the KSZ
  • The increasing attractiveness of the B1 target as drilling continues
  • How Kavango’s financing strategy and diversified portfolio means it is not a “one trick pony”


23/12/21 Share Talk
  • An update on recent drilling and prospecting at the KSZ and plans for the future
  • How Kavango’s unique technology is helping it to overcome the challenge of Kalahari cover
  • The history of the KSZ and why explorers have struggled to explore it properly to date
  • Plans to drill Ditau and the KCB after the KSZ
25/11/21 Proactive’s One2One Virtual Investor Forum
  • Why Kavango’s B1 drill is the most important in the KSZ’s history
  • History of the KSZ, and Kavango’s achievements at the project to date, including Proof of Concept work
  • How Kavango is using TDEM to learn more about the KSZ and its potential
  • Upgraded interpretation of B1 and how it speaks to the target’s Norilsk style potential
01/11/21 Stockbox
  • A look at the downhole EM responses Kavango got from the two holes drilled at the KSZ
  • The huge magnetic body encountered underneath the ground at Kavango’s second hole
  • The increasing potential for mineralisation in the Proterozoic rock at the KSZ
  • What Kavango is doing to improve its modelling for this new “frontier of exploration”
28/10/21 Stockbox
  • The significance of being awarded an EMP at the KCB licences
  • How Kavango’s track record when it comes to exploration and sustainability speaks for itself
  • Plans for acceleration exploration and drilling at KCB now that EMP has be awarded
  • A breakdown of the Acacia target as well as others
04/10/21 Investor Q&A
  • The encouraging signs being established from Kavango’s drilling and assay testing at the KSZ
  • The support Kavango is receiving from Botswana’s government
  • The quality projects that surround (and don’t surround) Kavango’s quality portfolio
  • Kavango and Power Metals’ plans for the Kanye JV
30/09/21 Brand Communications
  • Update on drilling at the KSZ, where evidence of Proterozoic ultramafic rock has been hit
  • A guide to the significance of an image depicting a section of KSZ core
  • Why the company hitting the Proterozoic at the depth it did is so exciting
  • Why drilling the B conductor target could be an inflection point for Kavango
24/09/21 Stockbox
  • How the three new members of senior personnel will add toKavango’s exploration efforts
  • How exploration is validating Kavango’s model of the KSZ and what remains unknown
  • Kavango’s planned drill strategy for the Karoo and Proterozoic at the KSZ
  • The company’s planned targets at Ditau and what nearby drilling could have unlocked
24/09/21 First Equity event
  • Some of the improvements that have been made to Kavango’s business model
  • How Kavango is allocating the funds from its placings
  • What the company is looking for at the KSZ and what it has found to date
  • Kavango’s long term strategy at the KSZ, KCB, and Ditau
20/09/21 Proactive Investors
  • The upside potential on offer at the KCB following LVR licence renewals
  • Why the company took the opportunity to extend its KSZ hole down to 1,000m
  • How Proof of Concept drilling is “absolutely surpassing” expectations at the KSZ
  • The importance of having quality partners like Mindea and Equity Drilling
15/09/21 Stockbox
  • Ben’s enthusiasm around the current drilling in the KSZ
  • Why it’s so important that the company has encountered copper sulphide
  • Kavango’s initial plans for its next hole and sampling
  • Why the company is so excited about Target Area B
23/08/21 Stockbox
  • Explanation of why steel casing was needed at KSZ hole and why this prevented downhole EM
  • What downhole EM surveying actually shows, and how it can help with other holes
  • An update of drilling progress and core recovery for whole KSZ programme
  • The quality of core recovery so far
21/07/21 Stockbox
  • Kavango’s goals with its latest KSZ Proof of Concept drilling programme, which has just started
  • How Kavango could open an ‘entirely new mining district’ with the KSZ because of its scale
  • Examples of the quality of Kavango’s partners, and how this maximises its chances of success
  • An update on ongoing efforts at the Ditau and KCB, where a new target has been found
18/07/21 Crux Investors
  • How Kavango Resources has been turned around and restructured over the past 18 months
  • The huge opportunity on offer from applying modern exploration technology in Botswana
  • The enormous upside potential on offer at the KSZ, the KCB, and the Ditau Camp projects
  • Expectations for the company and its various work programmes moving forward
09/07/21 Proactive Investors
  • Why Kavango is “one of the biggest opportunities you could possibly imagine”
  • The significance of the company’s recent placing, and its updates from KSZ
  • Why a “Norilsk-style” project would be so valuable
  • Botswana’s political stability and geological prospectivity
05/07/21 StockBox Exploration, expansion drilling programme in the KSZ and financing<
05/07/21 Proactive Investors About expanded drilling and capital raise for KSZ programme
28/06/21 Stockbox
  • Why Kavango raised £1.94m in a recent placing at a minimal discount
  • The value of expanding the company drilling programme in the KSZ in light of strong results
  • The importance of Siemens readings, and how they can indicate potential massive sulphides
  • The next steps in Kavango’s drill programme and its relationship with Equity Drilling
25/06/21 Delivers update on recent exploration results at South Ghanzi
24/06/21 Proactive Investors
  • Ben’s plans for Kavango as the firm continues to “motor forwards”
  • Kavango’s other internal hires, and how they will improve its operational delivery
  • The significance of recent soil sampling results at the KCB
  • Plans to drill at the KCB once an EMP has been secured
22/06/21 Shares Magazine
  • The scale of opportunity on offer at the KSZ and why the firm has accelerated drilling
  • The KSZ’s Norilsk-style potential, and why this may have been overlooked historically
  • The airborne work and surveying that led Kavango to the point of being drill ready at the KSZ
  • The company’s operational plan in the KSZ for the coming quarter
22/06/21 Brand UK
  • The rationale behind Ben’s appointment as CEO of Kavango
  • The Norilsk-style potential highlighted by Kavango’s underground modelling of Hukuntsi
  • Imminent plans for learning more about the KSZ with two drill holes
  • The potential on offer at the KCB and Ditau projects
10/06/21 StockBox The drilling of two proof of concept geological holes in the northern Hukuntsi section of KSZ
10/06/21 Proactive Investors The acceleration of firm’s plans at northern section of the KSZ
03/06/21 StockBox Update on the extensive copper/silver targets identified on the LVR JV licences
19/05/21 Vox Markets Investor Q&A webinar
14/05/21 Proactive Investors The scale of opportunity at Ghanzi South after finding several mineralised systems
17/03/21 StockBox AEM survey results from the KCB JV
01/03/21 Shares Magazine Comprehensive overview of the Kalahari Suture Zone at the recent
05/02/21 StockBox Appointment to the BOD and the roadmap ahead for the Kavango project portfolio
15/02/21 Total Market Solutions Kavango’s potential
12/01/21 StockBox Appointment to the BOD and the roadmap ahead for Kavango


10/12/20 StockBox Explains in detail why he thinks the Company potentially has a Norilsk style deposit in Botswanna
13/11/20 Total Market Solutions Explains that the board are so confident about the KSZ project potential that they are not drawing a salary
10/11/20 StockBox Kavango’s plans for the KSZ now that the Company has conditionally raised £2M
11/09/20 Proactive Investors Kavango's Kalahari Suture Zone shares 'striking' geological similarities to giant Norilsk nickel project in Russia
11/09/20 StockBox Recent 3D modelling for the Kalahari Suture Zone and the remarkable similarities between the #KSZ and the Norilsk mine
12/08/20 Total Market Solutions The developing story for Kavango Resources in the Kalahari
07/07/20 Total Market Solutions Explanation on why Kavango think with the Kalahari Suture Zone, they have something similar to the "Largest mine in the world" the Norilsk Mine in Russia
12/06/20 Total Market Solutions Proactive Investors Mike Moles Appointment of specialist geological modelling firm, Mira Geoscience, to help select drill targets at the Kalahari Suture Zone
19/05/20 Share Talk Kavango Resources (KAV.L) Michael Foster, Chief Executive & Mike Moles, Non-Executive Director Interview