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07/12/23 Market Bull
  • Kavango Resources Zimbabwe Drilling and Botswana Acquisition Updates
05/12/23 LSE
  • Kavango Resources Ben Turney gives operational update on successful 2023
26/09/23 StockBox
  • Kavango Resources Acquire 6 New Prospecting Licenses at the KCB Project
25/07/23 London South East
  • Kavango Resources CEO Ben Turney announces a new Purebond funded Zimbabwe bulk mining strategy
13/07/23 StockBox
  • Kavango Resources pause exploration on KSZ with recent drilling not encountering mineralisation
12/05/23 StockBox
  • Kavango Resources says £6mln will provide the resources to pursue its exploration strategy
26/04/23 Market Bull
  • Untapped Potential in Botswana
13/04/23 StockBox
  • Kavango Resources Ditau Feature on the BIF & Lode Gold Potential
03/04/23 Brand and Novus Communications
  • CEO Ben Turney talks to Alan Green, April 2023 interview
10/03/23 NextGen Newswire
  • A review of the mineral exploration potential of the Ditau Project, Botswana
03/03/23 StockBox
  • Kavango Resources CEO Discusses Strategy for Delivering a Maiden Economic Resource


03/03/23 StockBox
  • Kavango Resources CEO Discusses Strategy for Delivering a Maiden Economic Resource
09/11/22 Crux Investor
  • Kavango Resources (KAV) - Can NEW Technology find more Copper?
09/11/22 StockBox
  • StockBox Premiere Kavango Resources
30/10/22 StockBox
  • Special Feature The Investment Case
25/10/22 Proactive Investors
  • Kavango Resources increases fundraising by £500,000 as Arigo comes in
13/10/22 StockBox
  • Special Feature on the Kalahari Copper Belt with CEO
11/10/22 Junior Resource Investing
  • Ben Turney of Kavango Resources discusses a tier 1 opportunity in the Kalahari Copper Belt
07/10/22 Market Bull
  • Kavango Kavango Resources spin up for cracking Kalahari targets
30/09/22 StockBox
  • Kavango Resources Announce maiden drill programme plan at the KCB
28/09/22 CEO Ben Turney & Brett Grist discuss KCB drill strategy with Alan Green from Brand Communications
  • Ben Turney: "We've undertaken extensive geological, geochemical & geophysical work to define target areas..if #copper exists on our ground..we'll find it"
28/09/22 StockBox
  • Kavango Resources announce an ambitious drill strategy in the KCB
07/09/22 Shares
  • Shares investor evening webinar
19/08/22 StockBox
  • Special Feature - Kavango Resources KSZ Proof of Concept #KAV
22/07/22 Proactive Investors
  • Kavango Resources gets 'economic justification' for pursuing exploration at Great Red Spot project
14/07/22 Ben Turney and Brett Grist talk to Alan Green from Brand UK
  • Kavango’s agreement to acquire the remaining 50% of Kanye Resources
  • Afrasia’s $8 million independent valuation of Kanye Resources
  • Plans to uncover new ground in the KCB following promising sampling
  • The three Norilsk-style EM conductor targets identified at the KSZ
08/07/22 Ben Turney talks to Stephen Gunnion from Proactive Investors
  • Why Kavango decided to acquire the remaining 50% of Kanye Resources
  • The terms of the deal with Power Metal
  • Recent sampling at the KCB licences and drilling at the Ditau project
  • Future plans for both projects
08/07/22 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • Why the deal to acquire the remaining 50% of Kanye Resources is such a good one
  • Kavango’s plans for Kanye now that it has 100% ownership
  • The rationale for exploring the overlooked KCB licences and work to date
  • The pivotal role of CSAMT in the ongoing Ditau drilling programme
23/06/22 Ben Turney presents and answers questions with StockBox Premiere
  • Kavango’s efforts to establish an inventory of drill targets across its portfolio
  • The success of the Proof-of-Concept drill programme at the KSZ
  • The techniques and technology Kavango has tried and tested in the field
  • What newsflow investors can expect next
19/06/22 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • The interesting early signs from drilling the i1 target at Ditau
  • What CSAMT technology is telling Kavango about Ditau so far
  • Why depressed commodities are primed for a rerate
  • Potential catalysts for Kavango’s share price moving forward
01/06/22 Jeremy Brett and Hillary Gumbo present to investors
  • Why the Great Red Spot is an ideal location for an IOCG project
  • The distinct geological similarities between the Great Red Spot and Olympic Dam
  • How AMT surveying is helping to build up a number of IOCG targets
  • How Kavango developed its own AMT methodology
11/05/22 Ben Turney talks to Bonnie Hughes from Share Talk
  • Kavango’s recent placing and the proposed allocation of the funds
  • The Great Red Spot’s geophysical similarities to the Olympic Dam IOCG ore deposit
  • Expanded exploration work at Ditau
  • The progress of ongoing geophysical work on the KCB
05/05/22 Ben Turney and Brett Grist talk to Alan Green from Brand UK
  • Drilling progress and next planned steps at Ditau and the KCB
  • How CSAMT surveying has helped to shape the direction of work at Ditau
  • What Proof-of-Concept drilling told Kavango about the KSZ’s Proterozoic potential
  • How Kavango’s modelling of the KSZ has changed over time
02/05/22 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn and Kenny Russell from the Market Musings podcast
  • How Ben’s career led him to his role at Kavango
  • Ben’s thoughts on the small-cap market at large
  • Kavango’s progress across its portfolio so far, and its plans moving forward
  • Why Kavango believes it is critical to do things properly rather than rush exploration
28/04/22 Ben Turney and Jeremy Brett present and answer questions with StockBox Premiere
  • What the KSZ is, and exactly why Kavango is so excited about it
  • The importance of Kavango’s next KSZ drill campaign and how it is preparing
  • A guide to the surveying technology Kavango is using to learn more about the KSZ
  • The progress at Ditau and the KCB and their likely funding requirements
29/03/22 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • What Kavango is looking for at Ditau as drilling begins
  • The promising signs Kavango’s geologists are seeing from Ditau’s conductors
  • The importance of carbonatites and rare earth elements in general
  • The challenges the company has overcome to get to the point of drilling Ditau
28/02/22 StockBox
  • Special Feature - Kavango Resources KSZ B1 Conductor Target
28/02/22 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • The completion of drilling B1 and subsequent downhole EM surveying
  • How the results show “the best exploration lead we’ve ever had in the KSZ”
  • The value of hitting Karoo-aged and Proterozoic-aged gabbros
  • Next planned steps at the KSZ, including drill testing and further TDEM surveying
26/01/22 Ben Turney takes part in Shares Spotlight investor evening
  • Why Ditau may have hosted the right conditions for large mineral deposit formation
  • A summary of exploration efforts to date at Ditau and what next steps are planned
  • Why the location of the KCB and LVR licences is so prospective
  • Why Kavango is so optimistic about drilling in the KCB later in the year
24/01/22 Ben Turney talks to Rob Tyson from The Mining Podcast
  • An overview of Kavango and its project portfolio in Botswana
  • Ben’s background and how it led to his role at Kavango
  • Kavango’s business model and how it can generate major shareholder value
  • Ben’s thoughts on the wider mineral exploration/ development sectors
24/01/22 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • Update on the ongoing drilling of the B1 conductor and Kavango’s changing KSZ strategy
  • Context for drilling the Great Red Spot, and what Kavango’s next steps will be
  • A breakdown of the Great Red Spot’s stacked Karoo and Proterozoic potential
  • What Kavango can learn from its drilling even if it doesn’t make a discovery
21/01/22 Ben Turney talks to Katie Pilbeam from Proactive Investors
  • The identification of a strong gravity anomaly at the Great Red Spot
  • What Kavango has learned so far from drilling the KSZ
  • The history of the Great Red Spot
  • What Kavango’s next planned steps are at the KSZ
21/01/22 StockBox
  • Kavango Resources CEO on the first drill hole at the company’s KSZ project
11/01/22 Ben Turney and John Lauderdale talk to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • A history of John’s career and what attracted him to Kavango
  • Kavango’s drilling plans after finishing the current round of work at the KSZ
  • The increasing attractiveness of the B1 target as drilling continues
  • How Kavango’s financing strategy and diversified portfolio means it is not a “one trick pony”


23/12/21 Ben Turney talks to Bonnie Hughes from Share Talk
  • An update on recent drilling and prospecting at the KSZ and plans for the future
  • How Kavango’s unique technology is helping it to overcome the challenge of Kalahari cover
  • The history of the KSZ and why explorers have struggled to explore it properly to date
  • Plans to drill Ditau and the KCB after the KSZ
25/11/21 Ben Turney and Jeremy Brett present at Proactive’s One2One Virtual Investor Forum
  • Why Kavango’s B1 drill is the most important in the KSZ’s history
  • History of the KSZ, and Kavango’s achievements at the project to date, including Proof of Concept work
  • How Kavango is using TDEM to learn more about the KSZ and its potential
  • Upgraded interpretation of B1 and how it speaks to the target’s Norilsk style potential
01/11/21 Ben Turney and John Lauderdale talk to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • A look at the downhole EM responses Kavango got from the two holes drilled at the KSZ
  • The huge magnetic body encountered underneath the ground at Kavango’s second hole
  • The increasing potential for mineralisation in the Proterozoic rock at the KSZ
  • What Kavango is doing to improve its modelling for this new “frontier of exploration”
28/10/21 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • The significance of being awarded an EMP at the KCB licences
  • How Kavango’s track record when it comes to exploration and sustainability speaks for itself
  • Plans for acceleration exploration and drilling at KCB now that EMP has be awarded
  • A breakdown of the Acacia target as well as others
04/10/21 Ben Turney presents live investor Q&A on Twitter Spaces
  • The encouraging signs being established from Kavango’s drilling and assay testing at the KSZ
  • The support Kavango is receiving from Botswana’s government
  • The quality projects that surround (and don’t surround) Kavango’s quality portfolio
  • Kavango and Power Metals’ plans for the Kanye JV
30/09/21 Ben Turney and Jeremy Brett talk to Alan Green from Brand Communications
  • Update on drilling at the KSZ, where evidence of Proterozoic ultramafic rock has been hit
  • A guide to the significance of an image depicting a section of KSZ core
  • Why the company hitting the Proterozoic at the depth it did is so exciting
  • Why drilling the B conductor target could be an inflection point for Kavango
24/09/21 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • How the three new members of senior personnel will add toKavango’s exploration efforts
  • How exploration is validating Kavango’s model of the KSZ and what remains unknown
  • Kavango’s planned drill strategy for the Karoo and Proterozoic at the KSZ
  • The company’s planned targets at Ditau and what nearby drilling could have unlocked
24/09/21 Ben Turney presents at a First Equity event
  • Some of the improvements that have been made to Kavango’s business model
  • How Kavango is allocating the funds from its placings
  • What the company is looking for at the KSZ and what it has found to date
  • Kavango’s long term strategy at the KSZ, KCB, and Ditau
20/09/21 Ben Turney talks to Katie Pilbeam from Proactive Investors
  • The upside potential on offer at the KCB following LVR licence renewals
  • Why the company took the opportunity to extend its KSZ hole down to 1,000m
  • How Proof of Concept drilling is “absolutely surpassing” expectations at the KSZ
  • The importance of having quality partners like Mindea and Equity Drilling
15/09/21 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • Ben’s enthusiasm around the current drilling in the KSZ
  • Why it’s so important that the company has encountered copper sulphide
  • Kavango’s initial plans for its next hole and sampling
  • Why the company is so excited about Target Area B
23/08/21 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • Explanation of why steel casing was needed at KSZ hole and why this prevented downhole EM
  • What downhole EM surveying actually shows, and how it can help with other holes
  • An update of drilling progress and core recovery for whole KSZ programme
  • The quality of core recovery so far
21/07/21 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • Kavango’s goals with its latest KSZ Proof of Concept drilling programme, which has just started
  • How Kavango could open an ‘entirely new mining district’ with the KSZ because of its scale
  • Examples of the quality of Kavango’s partners, and how this maximises its chances of success
  • An update on ongoing efforts at the Ditau and KCB, where a new target has been found
18/07/21 Ben Turney talks to Matthew Gordon from Crux Investors
  • How Kavango Resources has been turned around and restructured over the past 18 months
  • The huge opportunity on offer from applying modern exploration technology in Botswana
  • The enormous upside potential on offer at the KSZ, the KCB, and the Ditau Camp projects
  • Expectations for the company and its various work programmes moving forward
09/07/21 Mining Capital’s Alastair Ford talks to Katie Pilbeam form Proactive Investors
  • Why Kavango is “one of the biggest opportunities you could possibly imagine”
  • The significance of the company’s recent placing, and its updates from KSZ
  • Why a “Norilsk-style” project would be so valuable
  • Botswana’s political stability and geological prospectivity
05/07/21 StockBox
  • Exploration, expansion drilling programme in the KSZ and financing
05/07/21 Proactive Investors
  • About expanded drilling and capital raise for KSZ programme
28/06/21 Ben Turney talks to Mark Fairburn from Stockbox
  • Why Kavango raised £1.94m in a recent placing at a minimal discount
  • The value of expanding the company drilling programme in the KSZ in light of strong results
  • The importance of Siemens readings, and how they can indicate potential massive sulphides
  • The next steps in Kavango’s drill programme and its relationship with Equity Drilling
  • Delivers update on recent exploration results at South Ghanzi
24/06/21 Ben Turney talks to Katie Pilbeam from Proactive Investors
  • Ben’s plans for Kavango as the firm continues to “motor forwards”
  • Kavango’s other internal hires, and how they will improve its operational delivery
  • The significance of recent soil sampling results at the KCB
  • Plans to drill at the KCB once an EMP has been secured
22/06/21 Ben Turney talks to Shares Magazine as part of its “Investment Evenings” series
  • The scale of opportunity on offer at the KSZ and why the firm has accelerated drilling
  • The KSZ’s Norilsk-style potential, and why this may have been overlooked historically
  • The airborne work and surveying that led Kavango to the point of being drill ready at the KSZ
  • The company’s operational plan in the KSZ for the coming quarter
22/06/21 Ben Turney and Brett Grist talk to Alan Greenfrom Brand UK
  • The rationale behind Ben’s appointment as CEO of Kavango
  • The Norilsk-style potential highlighted by Kavango’s underground modelling of Hukuntsi
  • Imminent plans for learning more about the KSZ with two drill holes
  • The potential on offer at the KCB and Ditau projects
10/06/21 StockBox
  • The drilling of two proof of concept geological holes in the northern Hukuntsi section of KSZ
10/06/21 Proactive Investors
  • The acceleration of firm’s plans at northern section of the KSZ
03/06/21 StockBox
  • Update on the extensive copper/silver targets identified on the LVR JV licences
19/05/21 Vox Markets
  • Investor Q&A webinar
14/05/21 Proactive Investors
  • The scale of opportunity at Ghanzi South after finding several mineralised systems
17/03/21 StockBox
  • AEM survey results from the KCB JV
01/03/21 Shares Magazine
  • Comprehensive overview of the Kalahari Suture Zone at the recent
05/02/21 StockBox
  • Appointment to the BOD and the roadmap ahead for the Kavango project portfolio
15/02/21 Total Market Solutions
  • Kavango’s potential
12/01/21 StockBox
  • Appointment to the BOD and the roadmap ahead for Kavango


10/12/20 StockBox Mike Moles Explains in detail why he thinks the Company potentially has a Norilsk style deposit in Botswanna
13/11/20 Total Market Solutions Mike Moles Explains that the board are so confident about the KSZ project potential that they are not drawing a salary
10/11/20 StockBox Mike Moles Kavango’s plans for the KSZ now that the Company has conditionally raised £2M
11/09/20 Proactive Investors Alastair Ford Kavango's Kalahari Suture Zone shares 'striking' geological similarities to giant Norilsk nickel project in Russia
11/09/20 StockBox Mike Moles Recent 3D modelling for the Kalahari Suture Zone and the remarkable similarities between the #KSZ and the Norilsk mine
12/08/20 Total Market Solutions Mike Moles The developing story for Kavango Resources in the Kalahari
07/07/20 Total Market Solutions Mike Moles Explanation on why Kavango think with the Kalahari Suture Zone, they have something similar to the "Largest mine in the world" the Norilsk Mine in Russia
12/06/20 Total Market Solutions Mike Moles Proactive Investors Mike Moles Appointment of specialist geological modelling firm, Mira Geoscience, to help select drill targets at the Kalahari Suture Zone
19/05/20 Share Talk Mike Moles Kavango Resources (KAV.L) Michael Foster, Chief Executive & Mike Moles, Non-Executive Director Interview