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KSZ North Project - Upgrade of B1 Conductor

We’ve released a significant upgrade to the B1 Conductor. An expert 3rd party has remodeled our downhole data. The updated plate model is 150m x 475m with a conductance of 28,700 Siemens, in the upper end for potential #nickel bearing massive sulphides. We’re developing a cluster of 3 drill targets in the range of massive sulphides in the KSZ North. B1 has been remodelled with a conductance of 28,700 Siemens, while B3 and B4 have been modelled at 4,100 and 2,760 Siemens respectively. Our goal in drilling B1, B3 & B4 is to confirm massive sulphides are the source of the conductors. The 3 targets conform to our Norilsk nickel/copper ore deposit model.