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KCB - Project Update

Figure 1: Location of Kavango Minerals PLs in the Kalahari Copperbelt



Figure 2: Location of re-logged and un-logged historical drillholes, largely water boreholes, on the Mamuno (left) and PL036-037/2020 (centre) sections of the KCB – for locations see Figure 1



Figure 3: Location of Lithogeochemical traverses, and geological mapping in PL036/2020



Figure 4: Soil sample progress in PL036/2020 as of  June 2022 (blue to be collected, grey to be analysed, black analysed)



Figure 5: Map showing KCB extension from Botswana to Namibia with Kavngo/Kanye Mamuno licences highlighted



Figure 6: Tromino Orientation Survey Line 1, showing interpreted near-surface sediments