The Ditau Project (“DITAU”)

Project Name:
The Ditau Project (“DITAU”)
Kavango Resources – 100%
Kavango Resources 
Southwestern Botswana


Gold, Rare Earth Elements, Iron Ore, Copper
Carbonatite-hosted mineralisation IOCG-style mineralisation


Prospecting Licenses:
PL010/2019, PL169/2012, PL2506/2023, PL2507/2023


Project Details

The Ditau Project covers 2,652.9km2 in southwest Botswana. During an exploration drilling campaign focused on the Project’s i10 target, one of Kavango’s holes – DITDD004 – encountered a 100m thick Zone of Interest. This runs from 293m to 393m and contains anomalous gold.

The Company commissioned Dr. Hamid Mumin – Professor and former Chair of the Department of Geology at Brandon University, Manitoba, Canada – to analyse core from the Zone of Interest. Dr. Mumin concluded the likely presence of a large alteration system with excellent gold potential within a very thick, open Banded Iron Formation (“BIF”) in the area.

Kavango has subsequently completed a number of work programmes to build on this potential.

The Company relogged Hole DITDD004, which determined that localised brecciation of the BIF has enhanced its permeability, allowing the passage of sulphide and gold bearing fluid. It also found that previously reported gold assays coincide with fine pyrite in the BIF – something typical in many gold deposits worldwide.

Kavango also completed a review of core and logs from two holes drilled by a diamond exploration and mining company targeting the same i10 geophysical anomalies as Kavango in 2021.

The first – Hole X077 – was drilled 470NW of DITDD004 to a depth of 189m and appears to have intercepted the same BIF with clear visual evidence of a mineralising system in the form of pyrite, chalcopyrite, and carbonate alternation. This strongly suggests the mineralised BIF is continuous for at least 470m of strike extent. As with DITDD004, mineralisation in X077 remains open at depth.

The second – Hole X081 – was drilled to 144m 3km to the SW of DITDD004, with core showing intense signs of weathering along with pyrite and iron oxides in veins. These are clear signs of locally intense hydrothermal activity.


Next Steps

With pyrite and carbonate levels increasing towards the end of the holes Kavango has reviewed, the Company’s goal is to investigate the scale of mineralisation at i10 and across the wider Ditau Project area.

Kavango is currently sharing all data and samples with Dr. Mumin to confirm his exploration model and refine the Company’s exploration plan. It also recently expanded its licence area to secure additional ground that could be relevant to Dr. Mumin’s ore deposit model.