The Kalahari Suture Zone Project ("KSZ")

Project Name:
The Kalahari Suture Zone Project (“KSZ”)
100% Kavango Resources
Kavango Resources 
Southwestern Botswana
7,962.90 km2
Exploration and drilling


Copper, Nickel, Platinum Group Metals, Iron, Gold, Uranium
Massive Sulphide Mineralisation, possible IOCG Mineralisation at the “Great Red Spot”


Prospecting Licenses:
PL365/2018, PL163/2012, PL509/2014, PL510/2014, PL364/2018, PL164/2012, PL080/2021, PL081/2021, PL062/2022, PL157/2016, PL363/2018, PL156/2016, PL155/2016, PL190/2020, PL191/2020


Project Details

The Kalahari Suture Zone Project covers a large portion of the KSZ magnetic anomaly in southwest Botswana. The KSZ is a 450 km long, deep-seated discontinuity in an analogous geological position to the Norilsk copper-nickel-platinum group element mines in Russia.

The KSZ anomaly was subject to a government-backed exploration programme in the 1980s that yielded encouraging early signs. However, thick overlying Kalahari cover prohibited exploration and drilling at the time.

Kavango is using modern surveying and drilling technology to reassess the KSZ’s potential for nickel, copper, and platinum group element-rich sulphide ore bodies.


The Great Red Spot within Kavango’s KSZ project – a nexus of multiple interpreted regional faults and structures, prospective for multiple ore deposits models including Ni-Ci-PGE massive sulphides and an Iron Oxide Copper Gold (Uranium) system

Next Steps

A Proof-of-Concept Drill Campaign Final Report completed by geologist Richard Hornsey, a leading specialist in nickel exploration, concluded that Kavango’s drilling to date has:

  • Provided geochemical indicators of magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE mineralising processes (depletion and enrichment) throughout the KSZ, for both the Karoo and Proterozoic (Tshane Complex) intrusions
  • Identified previously unrecognised PGE potential in the KSZ South
  • Introduced new ore deposit models (Norilsk, Insiswa, Eagle, Tamarack, and Uitkomst), which will allow Kavango to vector towards the right host rocks and upgrade future targeting
  • Confirmed Kavango is using appropriate geophysical technologies and data analysis techniques to isolate potential mineral bearing targets in a scalable programme

Kavango is currently reviewing its existing datasets to inform the next stages of its exploration programme.